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International Import/export business------- Product Review :  Click Here Product Showroom in EC21

Started as Wholeseller name [  AccessCo International Co., Ltd. ]  from 1996.

At that time the main focus was to bring gifts & promotional items to the corporate marketplace.

In doing this we started with incentive programs for sales, attendance and safety applications. This provided to be a successful venture and an idea that was ready for the corporate world. After working with many corporations and government agencies we learned that people really liked and enjoyed receiving new product information as awards for meeting sales or safety goals.

In just about all cases we saw an improvement in sales or a reduction in lost time accidents or a reduction in absenteeism. Years of experience has proven that the use of catalogs and internet Web Site in an incentive program or as an award for years of service or a job well done are welcome and appreciated by the recipient.

From 2004 , BUYERFULL is a full service company located in Taiwan and China , that stands ready to be of assistance with your next incentive program. Located in the North of Taiwan is a warehouse/distribution center of 10,000 sq. ft. that is stocked to the ceiling with brand name merchandise just waiting to meet the needs of any gift giving event that may come along. Through our relationship with world class merchandise manufacturer  , we can have your custom product or custom design product done right and on time at a reasonable rate.

Looking to reach a wider customer base, we [BUYERFULL .COM]  on the World Wide Web from Year 2004.  This has proven to be a very successful means of doing internet wholesell and import / export business. We  market our gift & promotion item business not only to the corporate world but also we can provide other countrie's shopping web site more different merchandises and give individual people the opportunity to sell our products in their personal Web Page . As you view our site, remember that our goal set many years ago has not changed. That goal is to make your business experience fun and easy and to provide you with the assistance you need to develop and operate a successful program.

We are keep looking for advantage skill about the internet shopping , including cash flow and product flow improved .  We hope that we have chance to cooperate with you in the near future. Thanks for your time to click and learn more of  Buyerfull . 

         Click Here to know how to contact us for more details

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